Editors and Management

Laura MacPhee – Editor


I am delighted to be leading such a vibrant and talented community in contributing to political and cultural debate. My background is legal, and I believe that free speech is one of our most crucial human rights. The Vibe gives young people a platform to express their ideas, and the chance to challenge and be challenged.

Likes:  The subjunctive, leisurely Sunday brunches and getting caught in the rain

Dislikes:  Tautology, Merlot and LA (no rain)




Chris McCarthy

Chris McCarthy – Editor-at-Large

I’m passionate about engaging a new generation in political discussion, acutely aware that politics can be a powerful agent for change. Former Editor of The Vibe, I am now involved in an advisory capacity and continue to contribute articles.

Likes: tolerance, sundried tomatoes and Family Guy
Dislikes: bigotry, snakes and celery


Josh Cowls – Culture Editor

I believe it’s possible to be passionate about politics without being fanatical about any particular party, which is why I value the vibe as a non-partisan space for fervent debate. In the final year of my History & Politics degree, I also have experience working for a pressure group in Britain and on a Senate race in the US. I source, edit and publish all our regular arts and cultural content, and my ‘Best of the Web’ column appears every Sunday.

Likes: debate, elections and squash (the sport rather than the drink)
dogma, tired metaphor and Sepp Blatter


Emma Brooks – Sub-Editor 

Having studied politics to postgraduate level, I’m currently based in Geneva as I look to build a career in policy and research. I’ve been with the vibe since the beginning. It’s an excellent platform for young people who are interested in politics to express themselves, and allows budding writers to advertise their talent. As Sub-Editor I now commission and edit stories three days a week, as well as submitting my own occasional articles and a regular book review.

Likes: orange juice, capoeira and salsa dancing
Dislikes: fish, bad spelling and people who are patronising



Daniel LipmanDaniel Lipman – Business and Marketing Assistant

Currently on my gap year before attending Warwick University to study politics next year, I’m interning for a news and information monitoring company. I work for the vibe because i feel it’s important that young people get involved in politics and the decisions which will shape their futures. My role includes doing a spectrum of research for the site and helping to promote its presence.

Likes: football and Arrested Development
Dislikes: ignorance, bigotry and dogma


Tom Hewitson

Tom Hewitson – Publisher

The original founder and editor of the vibe, I graduated to working for the Daily Telegraph before heading off on a round the world backpacking adventure via a short stint at the Phnom Penh Post. Despite theoretically having moved on I can still be found giving unnecessary advice, tinkering with the servers and dreaming up new ways to publish online.

Likes: travelling, cycling, setting the world to rights
Dislikes: early starts, apathy, fundamentalism