Writers and Contributors

Jared Ingham
Jared loves feasting on new music and enjoys writing. A gargantuan deductive leap led him to think putting together a weekly music column for The Vibe from the comfort of his bed each Saturday morning might be a bit of fun. And it is.
Likes: Bosoms, Led Zeppelin, Leeds United
Dislikes: The 1980s, Alex Ferguson, ‘urban music’.


Rachit Buch
“My writing reflects my interests. I have a science and philosophy academic background, but will start training as a barrister from September. I want to make the sometimes terminally boring world of law and politics interesting to readers – showing their deep impact on our lives. I particularly like the vibe for its non-partisan stance – sometimes the best ideas are clouded by too much political drum-beating.
Likes: The West Wing, solving the world, and Sachin Tendulkar
Dislikes: preaching, narrow-mindedness and summarising a person in 150 words