The Vibe provides an unrivaled opportunity to get your message seen by a highly intelligent and articulate demographic. The Vibe directly targets the hard to reach 18 – 25 market in an area where they are open and comfortable. Readers of The Vibe are key opinion formers who are familiar with the world of social networking, allowing your message breakthrough success in the online domain.

Currently readers of The Vibe come from an astonishing 106 different countries, ranging from Belgium to Kuwait and the site has been viewed in 16 different languages including Chinese and Italian.

Utilizing The Vibe as an advertising medium will allow your brand to gain access to a key demographic at minimal risk whilst associating you with our strong ethics and sense of fairness.


For advertising we offer two highly competitive plans:

1) You pay for the number of times your advert is viewed. Under this system you pay a fixed price and we continue to show your advertisement until it has been seen the number of times you specified. For example, you pay for 10,000 page impressions so we leave your advert running until it has been seen 10,000 times.

2) You pay for the length of time your advert is shown. Under this system the price of your campaign will vary and the length of time shown will remain fixed. This is perfect for time sensitive products or events you are promoting. As with the other plan, you only pay for the ads that are seen, thereby ensuring you get maximum effect from your marketing.


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